Sam's Coin Laundry


Bring your laundry experience to a new level at Sam’s Coin Laundry in Conway, SC.

We offer a wash, dry and fold all at one location.


Sam’s Coin Laundry is a leading laundromat in Conway, SC and the surrounding area.  Coin Laundry offers a variety of best quality laundry services at an affordable price. Our goal is to provide an outstanding laundry experience and the best-quality laundry services.

Our customers are welcome to experience a number of benefits we offer at Sam’s Coin Laundry:



We offer a wide range of IPSO & HUEBSCH washing machines of 60 lb, 55 lb, 40 lb, 30 lb and 18 lb capacities.


Our high-efficiency IPSO dryers are 30 lb and 45 lb capacity and operate at three temperature levels.


Take advantage of our folding tables to make your clothes look crisp and wrinkle-free as they come out of the dryer

what people say

” Really nice and clean, all equipment new and well maintained. Easy parking and safe surroundings. Lots and lots of washers and dryers, free wifi and TV’s playing. I cleaned my truck at the self-serve car wash while my laundry was going. Very good experience. “

Steve C.

“Have had to come here a few times while waiting for our washer to have warranty parts shipped and installed and was happy to say it was extremely clean and the people have always been friendly! Washes range from $4 to $7.50 based on load size and dryers are $.25/6 mins. Happy to have found this place as a back up if we ever need it again. “

robert k.

” I’ve been here far more often than anyone wants to do laundry. It’s always cool, clean and kept up. The machines are clean and reasonably priced with a good selection of sizes. The woman who works here, Margie, is always friendly and incredibly helpful. Thanks for making this task more pleasant! And, one of the tvs always has kids’ shows on! Bonus for moms with kiddos in tow.”

lele R.

” Washers are great, there is an attendant that makes sure the machines continue working and the place is clean… these owners actually care about this place and first and foremost I feel safe coming here with the security cameras. “

brian g.

what differs us from others

Sam’s Coin Laundry is a family owned business that cares about their quality and customers. Our customers always experience a full-service laundry and an excellent customer service.

Mon-Sun: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm

1800 Wright Blvd,
Conway, SC, 29527

Questions? (843) 365-5964